PayCenter1, provides interactive customer communications systems and applications that support targeted marketing programs at points of sale and service. Our platforms allow our clients to deliver multimedia content to their audiences efficiently via interactive devices and displays. Our goal is to support our clients by streamlining their workflows using displays to do more. PayCenter1’s services are expected to allow its clients to add value for their customers, provide the company with a recurring revenue stream while fostering customer loyalty and stimulating growth.

PayCenter1 is a sales and marketing organization specializing in the placement and management of unattended financial kiosks. The kiosk follows a “general store” concept with a single capital cost center with multiple profit centers. The kiosk comes standard with the ability to process money transfers, cash dispensing, prepaid debit card dispensing, debit card reloading, bill payment and digital signage all on a single unit.

Interactive kiosk solutions are becoming a key revenue growth channel, as well as an attractive means of enhancing consumer service. An investment in a kiosk location will generate monthly revenue for several years.

Fueled by high visibility, digital signage opportunities are becoming a key revenue growth channel for local, regional and national companies to promote their products.

It has never been more important to offer customers what they want, when they want it, and how they want to receive it. PayCenter1 meets those criteria as well as improving the customer experience, customer satisfaction and customer retention while increasing revenues.

If other opportunities are identified, PayCenter1 has the resources to investigate and develop a solution with hardware and software to meet those needs.