A Socially Responsible Financial Solution

Paycenter1 is an innovative leader in Automated Commerce Solutions and electronic “real time” transaction processing. PayCenter 1™ transactional ACMs offer additional advantages to consumers with a variety of available applications through a turn key, stand alone ACM. Place a PayCenter1 ACM today at no charge! Learn More

Automated Commerce Machine Functionality

The ACM offers a tremendous benefit, it can help orga­nizations streamline operations, increase foot traffic and add functions for local businesses and services.

Direct Insurance

Get a free quote for Direct insurance in 60 seconds. Buy a policy and receive a $20 gift card. Learn More


Pinless Calling

Clients recharge their accounts online in seconds, providing domestic and international calling minutes added right onto their phone. Learn More



PayCenter 1™ ACM offers the convenience of ATM cash dispensing. Learn More


Digital Signage

Our kiosk can provide you a perfect outlet for branding and advertising, reaching thousands of customers. Learn More


Money Earned

Money Earned is a patented process that allows employees access up to 50% of their net wages they have earned, but not yet been paid at time of request. Eliminating the dependency of Payday loans and allowing employees to manage their finances how they need, and when they are needed with ZERO debt and no recourse to the employee. Learn More


Mobile Top Up

and recharge – It’s easy for your clients to add airtime. We utilize a global recharging service where individuals can add minutes instantly to prepaid mobile phone from many different carriers and over 100+ countries. Learn More


Loyalty Rewards Cards

Our loyalty program could be the ticket to jumpstart your retail store’s profits, when your client receives savings, rewards and incentive. Nothing says “thank you” to a loyal client more effectively! Learn More


Bill Payment

Clients can enjoy the flexibility of paying bills with cash. They have the ability to pay bills for most cable, phone, utility companies and thousands of more billers at your store. Learn More


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